As the newly promoted team in the league, how have you found the 2019/20 campaign so far?

Moving up a league is always a great experience and we relish a challenge, the season has started really well and if we keep focusing on each game at a time hopefully this will continue.

Have there been any stand out moments for you from the season up to now? Any game that stands out for you? 

The first game of the season was special. We went into the game knowing Derby were potentially a contender for the title this year, so to beat them sent a message out to everyone in the league and also gave us great confidence going forward.

Are there any fixtures coming up that you are particularly looking forward to?

The local derbies are always fixtures to look forward to. Fylde is the closest team in our league who we have just played at home, it was great to have the crowd behind us spurring us on, which we really appreciated.

What are your aims for the season?

My personal aims are to keep developing as a player. As a keeper the harder the challenge the more involved in the game I become, this pushes me to train harder and develop more skills to deal with anything that comes my way. As a team I think we just want to establish ourselves in the league.