Burnley FC Women Junior teams are proud to support the FA’s Positive Weekend campaign on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March.

Positive Weekend is the fifth anniversary of Lancashire FA’s Silent Weekend, an initiative designed to help kids on the pitch think for themselves, but more importantly be FREE from adult instruction.

As supporters of this year’s Positive Weekend campaign, parents and coaches are requested to refrain from any direct instruction during this weekend’s Burnley FC Women Junior fixtures but instead to offer children praise and encouragement.

The Positive Weekend campaign is all about #PraiseNotPressure and following the below points:



  • Praise and reinforce your children
  • Clap and cheer both teams
  • Greet parents from the other club
  • Embrace any opportunities to socialise


  • Tell children what to do
  • Criticise them
  • Get worked up
  • Re-live the game on the way home!