The 2019/20 FA Women’s National League season may have been concluded early but Burnley FC Women enjoyed lots of great moments!

Some of the players take a look back on their favourite memories of the campaign.

Levi Rathburn

“My favourite game this season has to be the very first game we played against Derby County. We had just been promoted so were considered the underdogs. We were loosing 2-0 and managed to win the game 3-2!

“I scored 2 of the goals for us to get back in the game but Buff’s late penalty was the best feeling. Since then, we were famous for our 3-2 wins!”

Lauren Bracewell

“My standout moment of the season was our first game against Derby. We were two goals down not knowing what had hit us.

“To pull together and pull it back to 3-2 like we did against a team who were tipped to win the league was a massive credit to us all.”

Olivia Wilson

“My favourite has to be beating Derby on the opening day of the season, it was such a great feeling and being the underdogs made it so much better.”

Olivia Greenhalgh

“I would say my highlight was beating Derby, it felt like a cup final!”

Kerry Hope

“The standout memory for me (which my Dad kindly reminds me of to give me a boost), playing Huddersfield Town at their ground, assisting Buff for our first goal, scoring the second and then being on the goal line and blocking their last minute effort with my face (definitely more luck than anything!)

“I spent two great years at Huddersfield and respect everybody there, but that midweek game gave me so much confidence and reassurance that I’d made the right decision in joining Burnley, and it’s obviously always nice to do well in front of anyone who may have overlooked you in the past.”

Nicola Worthington

“My favourite moment of the season was our first game vs Derby at home.

“Being 2-0 down and coming back to win 3-2, when Buff scored the penalty late on, it was such a great feeling! That game gave us a lot of confidence and belief for the rest of our games.”

Cara Bickett

“I think my favourite thing about this season has been signing for Burnley and getting to know some new faces and reunite with some old friends.

“Even though it’s been cut short, it’s been one of my favourite seasons to date because I’ve been a part of something really special and got to know some great people along the way. I’ve never felt more welcomed by a team and I’m so happy to call them all my friends now. I can’t wait for more seasons to come.”

Sarah Greenhalgh

“My favourite moment this season was our midweek win away against Huddersfield.

“We played against a good Huddersfield side and it was a very physical game. We battled well and I felt like we really clicked as a team for the first time. For me, it was the best we played as a team this season!”

Emily Earnshaw

“My favourite moment of the season has to be when we played Huddersfield away early on in the season. I think it was one of the first times that we had really come together as a team and followed the game plan to a tee. We showed great character throughout and showed that we deserved to be in this league and that we could compete.

“Plus, it’s always good to beat a local rival!”